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Nottingham Spirk

Nottingham Spirk - The Path to Possible

From Concept to Delivery in a Week

Nottingham Spirk was founded by John Nottingham and John Spirk in a carriage house in Cleveland, Ohio. Now they’re the longest standing design collaborative in the world. Since 1972 they’ve designed hundreds of products. Including several you’ve probably used, like the Spinbrush!

Encapsulating a company like that in a short, powerful video is a challenge in and of itself. Doing it in less than a week from pitch to delivery, well that’s an entirely different kind of challenge.

We pitched our idea for the video, knowing they only had a week from that day till they’d need it wrapped up and delivered. We imagined a video driven by energetic transitions and descriptive yet captivating shots, covering their 60,000+ square foot facility.

With only three days from our shoot day to delivery, our approach hinged on us being as efficient as possible. All without losing sight of our goal to truly express not only what and how they do what they do, but why.

From concept, to scripting, production, editing, and everything in between… Our whole team came together to deliver a high-level result in a fraction of the time your typical production would take.

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