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Animated Video Production, Motion Graphics, and CGI

Animation, Motion Graphics, and CGI are a huge part of our agency. From conception through delivery and everything in between, we got you covered. We can handle the entire project including writing the script, sourcing music and voiceover, or we can provide simple animations and motion graphics to elevate your project. Scroll down to see our process, examples of our work, and contact us now. Let’s get to it!

Our Process


The first and most important step of any project, big or small, is learning everything we can about your brand or business. Including but not limited to your history, their goals, beliefs, target demo, previous and future marketing strategies, and so on.

Creative Development

Armed with the knowledge from the Discovery Phase we begin to develop the creative and strategic foundation of the project. This is our favorite part of the process and where all the ideation takes place.


The script drives the video and sets the tone. Building on the brand messaging that fuels the current marketing initiatives of the brand and our ideas from the Discovery & Creative Development phases, we work closely with our clients to deliver messaging that delivers results.


We produce custom animation that’s on brand but before we start animating, we map out the entirety of the video to ensure you know exactly what to expect when you see the first cut.

Voiceover & Music

We pour through tons of music or compose our own custom score, and consider several different voiceover artists. Seeing is believing but the audible aspect of a video is literally half the battle; it’s vitally important. We ensured that the voice, cadence, mood, and music all compliment the look.

Putting it all Together

The nice thing about spending so much time and attention developing the creative is that once all the pieces are put together, you pretty much know what to expect. But even so, there’s nothing like unleashing that final edit into the world.

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Let's Work Together

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