Animated Explainer Video


FlashHouse - Animated Explainer Video

Sell Your Home The New Way

Selling a home is stressful. FlashHouse makes it simple. Their team of real estate experts use powerful technology and extensive knowledge of local markets to make you a competitive offer in just 24 hours. With no showings, no repairs, and cash offers.

We produced this animated explainer video to promote the FlashHouse brand and demonstrate to folks just how easy the whole process is from end-to-end.

Our Process


The first and most important step of any project, big or small, is learning everything we can about the business. Including but not limited to their history, their goals, beliefs, target demo, previous and future marketing strategies, and so on.

In the case of FlashHouse, as a young and innovative brand, they needed to not only promote themselves but as clearly and concisely as possible explain what they do. Their service is unique and that needs to be articulated succinctly with no room for confusion.

Creative Development

With it being the middle of winter in Northeast Ohio as a pandemic rages on, we needed a solution that didn’t require face to face contact. An animated video was a natural fit.


Armed with the knowledge from the Discovery Phase we produced a script that would drive the video and set the tone. After bouncing back and forth with the FlashHouse team we settled on a narrative and began producing the storyboards and artwork.


FlashHouse already came to the table with great branding. So we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel here. We capitalized on the foundation they had already built and produced custom animation that is on brand.

Voiceover & Music

Our goal was to hit a vibe that’s business casual, upbeat but not overbearing. We poured through tons of music and considered several different voiceover artists. Often times, this last phase is rushed but it’s vitally important. Audio is literally half the battle. We had to make sure the voice, cadence, mood, and music all complimented the look.

Putting it all Together

The nice thing about spending so much time and attention developing the creative is that once all the pieces are put together, you pretty much know what to expect. But even so, we were thrilled with the results.

Let's Work Together

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