How Ignite Digi Has Massively Benefited Our Video Productions

Patrick Fitzgerald  |  06-20-2022
Camera Accessories Every Videographer Should Have | Ignite Digi Review

Swapping batteries, cable managing your setups, and messing with different camera plates in different situations all seem like remedial tasks on their own but when you’re on set, every minute that ticks away is money spent.

Fumbling around with gear is not only ineffective but it eats up time you could be spending on the creative aspects of the production. This is especially true when you’ve built your kit piece by piece over time. Everything might not work together as well as it would if you had bought everything all at once. 

What’s the solution? Well, I’m going to try to explain to you all how a relatively small fabricator in Tasmania, Australia has benefited a relatively small creative agency in Cleveland, Ohio.

Get Shit Done Down Under 

When you’re first starting out as a filmmaker, you pick up on certain strategies and ideas that feel like they’re the most constructive at the time. It’s only until you learn a newer and faster way to perform that task, that the way you were doing it starts to feel like an old wooden ship in a world of steel power. 

That is exactly what it felt like to get our hands on some of Ignite Digi products

There are countless situations in which these products benefit our work on set. A 2-Pin Lemo to LP-E6 Adapter that makes charging and packing 20 LP-E6 batteries obsolete, a universal bottom plate for our Red Helium that makes the transfer from a Mōvi Pro setup to a tripod almost seamless, a power expansion module that makes cable management simpler and more effective.  And on, and on.

We leave the Keystone cage on one of our RED Komodos because it’s incredibly versatile and the same can be said about their Carbon Side Plates

How Many Miles is a Kilometer? 

You might ask why we went with a company all the way across the globe rather than a domestic company and the answer is pretty simple: quality. 

After seeing a few behind-the-scenes videos and doing some of our own research on Ignite Digi, the choice was as clear as the South East Cape

 Every accessory piece is crafted in-house. Tom and Chris, the owners, are cinematographers who understand the importance of well-built accessories for higher-budget productions, and the value of efficiency and build quality. 

You can’t ever compare the products from a giant manufacturing company with hundreds of employees to a small, tight-knit warehouse workshop that feels as if they actually care about the quality and consistency of their products. 

Our agency’s first experience with Ignite Digi actually happened over a Zoom call – ya know, because Tasmania is only about 10,000 miles away. Tom not only gave us a complete background of what they’re about but also gave us a walkthrough tour of their facility

This interaction immediately gave us insight into what kind of people they were and the personal connection they were excited to establish with a small agency. They assured us that if anything wasn’t up to their standard, they would be sure to accommodate. 

Quick Problem, Quicker Solution

We recently had an issue with one of our TB-50 Battery Adapters for our RED Komodos. Ignite Digi shipped us two brand new units for free and they arrived in only three days. If that isn’t a testament to how they run their business, then I don’t know what is. 

Do it for the Love

This isn’t meant to be a promotional video and nobody paid us to make this. We like being able to tell the world about our experiences with people and products that truly make our life and our jobs simpler. 

After all, the goal is always to work smarter and not harder. Adding these accessories to our arsenal has certainly turned that statement into a reality. 

In the filmmaking world, finding a balance between a quality product and quality service is a super rare commodity but it seems to be second nature for Ignite Digi. If you’re looking for cinema camera accessories or cables that are built to last, look no further. 

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