Zoom F8 Review

In this review Adam discusses the wide-range of the Zoom F8 Recorder’s capabilities. He also covers some of the additional accessories that we use on set such as a Hi-Rose Battery as well as Tentacle Sync timecode devices. If you’re looking to purchase a multi-channel...

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Tools to Streamline Your Post-Production Workflow

When working in a team or with a number of clients it’s so easy to lose track of an asset or a client comment without some dedication to organization.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to keep things organized when the post-production process never slows down...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Canon DSLR for Video

You’ve been shooting video on your Canon DSLR, but want to get more out of it. Well luckily, there are a few easy options you can take advantage of. The first thing I want to talk about is using your picture styles. Picture styles are an important decision to consider...

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