Oh God, Another Business Blog

Stevie James  |  05-21-2021
Welcome to the C9 Blog

Just what the world needs, another business blog. You’re welcome in advance! But what’s the point? Oh you know, SEO and stuff. Maybe we can get some delicious backlinks and drive traffic to our site! Plus, Gary V said I need to produce content all the time or I won’t be successful.

Honestly, our reasons for firing up this little ol’ blog really doesn’t have anything to do with most of that. I mean, sure, we’ll take the typical benefits that come along with consistently blogging. But we’re getting this ball rolling for the same reason we started our Creative Agency in the first place: because we’re compelled to. 

We’re driven by the insatiable desire to observe the world around us, learn from it what we can, then express those findings through different creative mediums. It’s good times, for sure.

That Dang Ol’ Internet Tho

One of the best and worst things about the internet is its robustness. You can find detailed information on quite literally any topic that any human has ever contrived ever. It’s a remarkable thing but with great power comes great responsibility. 

And no, I’m not talking about misinformation and fake news, I think we’re all pretty tired of hearing about all that crap. I’m talking about quality content

I’ve long said that the internet has the capacity to make intelligent people infinitely smarter and stupid people infinitely more so. It’s an enhancer and an enabler. Same goes for Social Media, but I think that world exacerbates things. 

In general, I’m just a big fan of quality content. I know that’s largely subjective to one’s taste, but quality is universal regardless of preference. Quality over quantity is the name of the game. If you can make both happen; beautiful. If you have to choose between the two, I implore you to go with quality. 

Social Media Is Probably Bad For You

We’re forever inundated with different pieces of content throughout every medium in which we consume. That’s the name of the game after all. We even have “Content Creators” running around arbitrarily feeding on the latest trends to get more eyes in the hopes of leveling up to the status of “Influencer.” 

That’s all well and good, get your money! But what we’re left with is an overwhelming amount of bland parodies and imitations to navigate in order to get to the good stuff. That’s where Content Curation comes in to save the day.

The purpose of a Content Curator is to sift through the decay and culminate a buffet of high-level content to be consumed. Curators are already a staple in the digital landscape and I suspect those roles will only grow to be more commonplace. They do the dirty work. And it’s easy too, because as curators develop large followings, their followers do most of the dirty work for them and send them the good stuff. 

I mention curators because they expedite the mindless scrolling so many are pacified by. Anything that can cut down on the total consumption of social media and get to the point is a good thing in my opinion. 

But like any other social situation, what you get out of it is largely influenced by who you spend your time around. If all of your friends are awful people, you inevitably will be too. If all of your friends are wicked smart, they’re bound to rub off on you no matter how inept you may be. And so on. 

It’s no secret that social media has negative psychological effects, especially on the young. But like any tool, if wielded properly, it can have vast and positive benefits. It can be a source of knowledge, insight, and inspiration… or a panopticon of anxiety, depression, and isolation. Tread lightly!

Why We’re Here

The purpose of the C9 Blog is to write about things that we find to be interesting. If you couldn’t already tell, we’re not in the business of being dry, safe or boring. 

What can you expect to see here? Mostly our well-informed (or sometimes loosely informed) opinions relating to business, marketing, creativity, psychology, sociology, technology, news, and the world, etc. Probably a fair amount of snark and sarcasm sprinkled in here and there for the sake of keeping it light. And because we can’t help ourselves. 

This is ground zero and I can’t say for certain where we’ll go from here and who will even be contributing to this blog outside myself. But I can say for sure, it’s gonna be an interesting ride. Hopefully you learn something along the way and maybe even cough up a chuckle or two. Stay tuned by subscribing below.

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