Why You Should Take Risks Early in Your Career

Patrick Fitzgerald  |  08-22-2023
Why You Should Take Risks Early in Your Career Clockwork 9 Creative Agency Video Production
Why You Should Take Risks Early in Your Career Clockwork 9 Creative Agency Video Production

Our lives are like a well-traveled path, a familiar routine that we navigate through every day. From the moment we wake up to the minute we fall asleep, our actions are often guided by habits and patterns that have become deeply ingrained over time. These daily ways provide us with a sense of stability and security, and they’re essential for maintaining a functional and comfortable existence.

While a routine can be reassuring, it can also lead to complacency. Many of us tend to settle into the comfort of our familiar habits, and therein lies the first reason why people are afraid to change: the fear of the unknown. 

Resisting Change and Remaining Stagnant

Change represents uncertainty and our brains are hardwired to avoid uncertainty because it can trigger a stress response. The familiar, even if mediocre, becomes preferable to the unknown, which may hold both potential rewards and risks.

Moreover, the desire to remain in our comfort zone is further reinforced by a fear of failure. It’s natural to worry about making mistakes or not meeting expectations but this fear can paralyze us into inaction. After all, why risk venturing into new territories when we feel relatively safe where we are, even if it means missing out on growth opportunities?

But staying stagnant comes at a cost. As we refrain from learning new skills and embracing change, we impede our personal development and limit our potential. Just like a muscle that grows weaker without exercise, our minds become less adaptable and agile without the challenge of learning and change.

A Fixed Mindset

Another significant factor contributing to this reluctance is the phenomenon of the “fixed mindset.” Some individuals believe that their abilities, intelligence, and talents are fixed traits that cannot be changed. 

This mindset stifles the desire to create, learn, and grow, as people may feel that their efforts won’t make a difference. On the other hand, those with a “growth mindset” see their abilities as malleable and view challenges as opportunities to improve.

Additionally, societal and cultural factors play a role in shaping our attitudes towards change and personal advancement. Sometimes, people fear judgment or criticism from others if they attempt something new and fail. 

The fear of social embarrassment or rejection can be a potent force, preventing individuals from stepping outside their comfort zones. I’ve experienced this on numerous occasions when coping with social anxiety and the thought of what others may think of my decisions or actions. It’s a normal feeling.

Unlocking Your Potential

So, what can we do to break free from these constraints and embrace change and growth? The first step is self-awareness. Understanding our fears and the factors that hold us back is crucial to overcoming them. 

Limitless brain space

By recognizing the benefits of embracing change and developing new skills, we can challenge our limiting beliefs and begin cultivating a growth mindset.

Furthermore, creating a supportive environment is vital. We need to surround ourselves with individuals who encourage us to explore new opportunities and who view failures as stepping stones to success. 

This is seen extensively here at Clockwork 9, everyone here specializes in different areas of creative and brand development but we’re all working towards one goal together. 

When I see others working their tails off, it inspires me to do the same. It’s all a big circle that requires certain types of people to function correctly. 

Fostering a culture of continuous learning within organizations and society at large is essential. Encouraging employees to upskill and providing resources for professional development can lead to more engaged, fulfilled, and productive individuals.

How Taking Risks Has Paid Off For Me

In the past, I would work toward making content that would eventually get me more jobs through social media posts. I’ve grown past that as my career has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.

Clockwork 9, Taking Risks in Filmmaking

I’m now in my third year working for the Clockwork 9 brand, and in that time I have not only picked up on numerous skills that will drive the company forward, but realized how much more fulfilling it is having a team that has that same cohesive vision. 

Ultimately, the fear of change and the reluctance to learn new skills stem from the human instinct to seek stability and avoid uncertainty. 

However, by recognizing these fears and challenging our fixed mindsets, we can open ourselves up to the incredible possibilities that change and personal growth bring. 

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