9 Advantages of Using Motion Graphics to Tell Engaging Stories that Inspire Customers

Cecilia Li  |  07-06-2023
9 Advantages of Using Motion Graphics to tell Engaging Stories that Inspire Customers
9 Advantages of Using Motion Graphics to tell Engaging Stories that Inspire Customers

In our fast-paced and visually-driven world, effective communication is the key to capturing the attention of audiences. 

Motion graphics stand out as an extraordinary medium for impactful storytelling. However, despite its many advantages, it remains underutilized. 

Although motion graphics have a storied history and demonstrated profound and memorable usage across many industries, it’s often not top of mind for marketing teams who set out to “make a video”. 

And I think that should change.

9 Advantages of Using Motion Graphics:

  1. Versatile Application & Usage
  2. Defy Limits
  3. Transform Dense, Boring Content
  4. Employ an Endlessly Diverse Cast of Characters
  5. Content that is Time and Cost Effective
  6. Motion Graphics Create Brand Awareness
  7. Increase Engagement and Conversion
  8. Adaptability and Scalability
  9. Motion Graphics are Highly Shareable 

Versatile Application & Usage

Sometimes, when I suggest motion graphics or an animated approach for a project, the client will come back with “we don’t want cartoons”. I assure you, I also don’t want to make you a cartoon. 

It’s unfortunate for this industry that the term “motion graphics” immediately brings to mind cheap, generic animations of flat, lifeless stock characters and chalkboard explainer videos for so many people. 

From captivating title sequences that set the tone for movies and tv shows to immersive content in virtual reality experiences, motion graphics have the capacity to be so much more. 

Moreover, social media provides fertile ground for motion content to thrive and for users to interact with, making them an invaluable asset in the modern media landscape.

Defy Limits

Motion graphics liberate creators from the shackles of reality, allowing them to take up space and paint larger-than-life, memorable narratives. The laws of physics do not apply and environments are endlessly flexible and adaptable. 

This enables the storyteller to move from scene to scene seamlessly, mesmerizing audiences through gravity-defying moments and surreal transformations that transcend the limitations of a physical space. 

The environment becomes a dynamic canvas whose sole purpose is to support the story being told and can truly breathe life into a concept.

Credit: State

Transform Dense, Boring Content

Motion graphics have the power to simplify intricate concepts and make them easy to digest by painting a visual narrative. 

The strategic usage of this medium can effectively break down complex information into bite-sized (and shareable!) content — making even the most intricate concepts accessible to a wide range of viewers. 

It can also be used to guide the viewer’s attention to key points, offering a seamless and intuitive flow of information that makes it easy to absorb content without feeling overwhelmed or disengaged.

Credit: Cub Studio

Employ an Endlessly Diverse Cast of Characters

Artists have the power to summon an endless array of characters. Aside from the D.E.I. cast of your dreams at the snap of a finger, motion graphics easily brings anthropomorphic animals, abstract shapes and even inanimate objects to vibrant life. 

By leveraging motion graphics, brands can design unique and relatable characters that resonate deeply with viewers and help form lasting connections. 

Coca-Cola: "A Coke is a Coke" - 2019 Super Bowl Commercial

Credit: Wieden + Kennedy

Content that is Time and Cost Effective

Compared to live-action videos or traditional animation, motion graphics can be a cost-effective solution that circumvents the need for elaborate sets, gear, or an extensive cast. This streamlined process avoids lengthy production timelines, allowing clients to achieve their goals with less resources.

The efficiency of motion graphics projects allows organizations both large and small to deliver visually impactful messages when working within a limited budget or timeline.

Motion Graphics Create Brand Awareness

The dynamic and visually striking nature of motion graphics grabs attention, ensuring messages stand out amidst information overload. Paired with the ability to control every aspect of visual presentation, this helps to positively reinforce brand identity.

In 2020, a survey of 500 marketers reported a staggering 93% of brands attributed the acquisition of new customers to videos on social media. This underscores the impact of motion graphics as a compelling tool to cut through the noise, captivate viewers and cultivate brand loyalty.

Credit: Buck

Increase Engagement and Conversion

Motion graphics are visually appealing and can capture and hold audience attention. Incorporating them into marketing campaigns is a strategic way to boost viewer engagement, increase click-through rates and drive higher conversion rates. 

Additionally, animation can add an emotional element to your brand’s content, making your stories more relatable and impactful. This increases the emotional engagement of users and inspires them towards action.

Adaptability and Scalability

As brands are forced to adapt in rapidly changing markets, motion graphics projects offer insurance in the form of flexibility. As these projects are easily modified, updated and repurposed to suit evolving marketing needs, they ensure longer term value to clients.

Not only is the shelf-life longer, but you can extract many smaller pieces of content from one long form animation. This is an effortless way to create seamless campaigns and cohesive, nimble content that can punch above its weight.

Motion Graphics are Highly Shareable 

Motion graphics are highly shareable on social media and other digital platforms. This is especially true if you invest in really creating a piece of art and find a creative and relatable voice to share your brand’s perspective from. This organic growth helps to increase your reach and visibility and makes your stories that much more impactful.

Credit: Buck

Take Advantage of Motion Graphics

By embracing the full potential of motion graphics, you can amplify your messaging and short-cut viewer recognition and engagement in our visually-driven world. 

It’s an immensely powerful communication tool. The sky is truly the limit on the creative options that this underutilized medium offers. 

Are motion graphics right for you and your business? Drop us a line and let’s find out!

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