Clockwork 9 began as an endeavour between multiple friends and colleagues to consolidate skill and expertise into one organization to reach the highest levels of video and photo production.

Clockwork 9 expanded from the original studio based in Lakewood, Ohio, to another in Cleveland which was quickly outgrown. Our team settled near Downtown Cleveland right by the shores of Lake Erie on Lakeside Avenue. We operate out of a large space that we renovated into a high-end multi-room studio facility complete with all facilities and amenities best suited to foster creative development and company growth.

The principles of Clockwork 9 maintain that creative freedom reigns supreme and that philosophy will always be the driving force behind every decision.


Our emotions are what make us human. It’s that shared human experience that drives us to create. To feel through those creations and to push us beyond ourselves. When you tap into emotion, the relationship between person and brand is deepened, becoming less about ‘it’ and more about ‘us’.

We create content that matters and makes an impact. The process of creating anything can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. By making ideas tangible, our inclusive process keeps our clients informed and involved every step of the way. Through experimentation and in-depth creative development, we approach the project goals concisely, quickly and effectively.

Our all-encompassing obsession is to take a concept from ink on a page to stunning imagery that will captivate starting from the first frame. Our story crafters are constantly thinking, feeling, learning, refining and improving ideas in unexpected ways.


Our process builds from the ground up as starting with a solid foundation is pivotal to achieving a final result that will shine for years. We work hand in hand with our clients and believe in being totally transparent from start to finish and beyond with every action, cost, change of direction, et cetera. We don’t rest until both parties are one hundred percent satisfied with the end result.


  • Set Goals
  • Assess Brand
  • Exchange Ideas
  • Conceptualize


  • Develop Creative Brief
  • Agree on Direction
  • Detail the Process
  • Gather Materials


  • Launch Project
  • Communicate Progress
  • Adapt to Change
  • Complete and Review