TrueNAS by iXsystems Liberated our Workflow – Our Testimonial

TrueNAS by iXsystems Liberated our Workflow – Our Testimonial

Produce Great Creative… Fast!

As a Creative Agency, it’s imperative that we produce great work but that’s only half the battle. Just as critical is the speed at which we can produce it. Generating timely content is a must in a hyper digital age where trends come and go like dust in the wind

The Problem

From an internal process standpoint, we do everything in our power to streamline things from concept to delivery. Even with the perfect workflow, at some point the technology that holds it all together can suddenly become a major stumbling block.

We just want to work. Isn’t that the dream? Focusing on the creative without having to worry about the tools getting in the way. 

When trying to foster an environment designed to empower the imagination and spark the embers of the next great idea, any time wasted on troubleshooting is just that: Time wasted.

It’s no secret that the right tools in the right hands is a recipe for unlimited potential.

The beating heart of everything we do is where we store our footage; our files, our data. Since our first day together this has been the single biggest challenge we’ve faced. After nearly five years at this, we had enough. It was long past due to find a real solution. 

The Solution

After months of research, our Managing & Creative Director Andrew got in touch with Charles Martineau from iXsystems. Not once did their team try to sell to us but rather walked us through the process and really invested the time to learn about our business and how we use our data. 

After looking at all the best use cases that would fit us; ultimately, they hooked us up with the TrueNAS M40-HA all flash storage array.


Since having it installed, it’s clear that the time they invested in us was time well spent. For the first time, we can have multiple editors working off the same files without a hitch. It’s paid off dividends in every other area that we work. Now we have the chance to truly focus on being creatives rather than computer engineers. 

The TrueNAS M40-HA operates behind the scenes and enhances the workflow for every single person here. After just a few weeks we were totally spoiled and can’t imagine how we ever accomplished anything without it.

As we move into the future, it’s very comforting knowing that we have iXsystems in our corner. It feels a lot more like a partnership than a company we just bought something from. 

To answer the most important question: Was it worth it, did we find what we needed? That’s a big yes. iXsystems is a company we’re going to be working with for a very long time.