Artisans of The Land 001: Black Cat Barbershop

Artisans of The Land: 001 Black Cat Barbershop

Every artisan has a medium, a set of skills and a vision. For Black Cat Barbershop, their artistry is found in the precision of a fresh, invigorating haircut in an environment tailored to their unique world view.

Meet the Founding Artisans

Ryan Hardwick Patrick Corrigan Artisans of the Land 001

Ryan Hardwick and Patrick Corrigan teamed up in 2018 with a dream to open their very own traditional barbershop on the west side of Cleveland.

With four years of experience under their aprons, the two had collected ideas of what they liked and didn’t like about other barbershops they had either worked for or visited over the years.

The Traditional Look

“I’ve always seen these traditional barbershops that look like tattoo shops covered with good art. And that’s so important to me, my wife, and my family… just art in general… so I knew I had to do that.” – Ryan

Black Cat Barbershop Inside C9

As in all seamless partnerships, sharing a common vision is crucial. And luckily for Ryan, Patrick was on the same page about the vibe he envisioned for the space.

“It’s our heart and soul. Everything you see here down to the tile, the ceiling, the intricate ideas [around] the shop are him and I. When we were building it he’d be like ‘oh I want to do this.’ and I’m like ‘dude that’s awesome.’ Or I’d be like ‘hey I want to do this,’ and he’d be like ‘dude I was thinking the same thing.’ So there’s never been any kind of push and pull on it. It’s always pretty cohesive.” – Patrick

And as proud regulars of Black Cat Barbershop, this culture is evident. The atmosphere, the friendship among the barbers and their customers, and the craftsmanship of their work makes for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Black Cat Barbershop C9

Cleveland: The Boutique City

“I call it a boutique city because I feel like when you’re in LA or New York or Chicago, it’s like shopping at a Walmart versus going into a small business. And I feel that Cleveland really really caters to small businesses because it’s a city in which those who take pride in living in it really want to see unique and individual things succeed.” – Patrick

Cleveland Public Theater C9

As a small Cleveland-born business ourselves, we couldn’t agree more. Just beyond the walls of the downtown skyscrapers, you are inundated with local gems stretching from mom and pop restaurants to handmade soap shops to kick-ass punk rock barbershops like Black Cat.

Cleveland Ohio West 25th Street C9

“It’s such a goldmine location. With downtown just this way (east) and Lakewood just this way (west), all the development was coming to the middle. And with Ohio City doing their thing on 25th and all the development on Lorain… this was just the melting pot, the epicenter of small business.” – Ryan

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for a new barber or simply want to try a new experience, we highly recommend checking out Black Cat Barbershop.

Located at 5405 Detroit Ave, they are open and ready to give you a fresh new look Tuesday-Saturday from 9AM-7PM.

Clockwork 9 is a Creative Agency proudly hailing from The Land. When we’re not producing creative content to help grow brands and businesses, we do stuff like this. We’re hoping to make ‘Artisans of the Land’ an ongoing series. Stay tuned.

Drop us a line, if you think you’d be a good subject for our series! Let’s rock!