NASA’s New Rover — Sony A7S3 / Canon EOS R5 Comparisons & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 12

NASA's New Rover — Sony A7S3 / Canon EOS R5 Comparisons & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 12

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of C9 Rewind, your weekly source for current news in the film and tech industries.

This week, comparisons between the newly released Canon R5 and recently announced A7S3 result in some interesting findings, Nvidia is in talks to buy ARM (which could be bad for Apple?), and more!

Will the Sony A7S3 Live Up to the Hype?

As covered in a previous episode, the Sony A7S3 was announced on July 28th and brought with it some impressive upgrades. Some may criticize the lack of support for 6K/8K resolutions, but do we really need those right now?

Now I may be a bit Sony biased (using Sony as my main camera for 3 years now) and the A7S3 might look like a very conservative camera up against the Canon EOS R5, but the company is sticking to its guns, with what it says is the best 4K Sony camera ever made. Personally, I would rather have a company focus on refining it’s 4K imaging than jumping into the 6K/8K realm and it’s important to remember that even 4K is still not that widely broadcast and distributed, so why would we need 8K? 

But If you’re a pixel fiend, I definitely see the justification behind buying a Lumix S1H or EOS R5 over the A7S3 as they are all around the same price point. 

Bottom line is, the A7S3 is going to have to be one hell of a 4K camera.

NASA’s New Rover is the First of Its Kind

Switching gears to an exciting new development in the space technology sector, The NASA Perseverance mission rover to Mars will have more cameras than any other interplanetary mission.

This rover is the most sophisticated rover ever sent to Mars and will be searching for ancient life on the planet while collecting terrain samples and collecting important data about Mars’ geology and climate.

The cool thing about this rover is that it has 19 cameras attached to it, and three silicon chips with the names of approximately 10.9 million people who signed up to ride along on the rover’s journey to Mars.

I personally can’t wait to see the images they capture with this mission, it could change our view on our nearest neighbor forever.

Nvidia to Purchase ARM?

Nvidia is reportedly in “advanced talks” to buy ARM in a deal worth over $32 billion

As discussed in a previous episode, Apple recently announced that it would be switching its Mac computers over to ARM-based chipsets and Microsoft has a version of Windows designed for ARM-based chips.

This would be a huge and quite frankly, weird acquisition as Nvidia is the leader for GPUs (which ARM also designs), and it has little to do with CPU design or mobile hardware outside of its Tegra line of mobile chipsets that we see in products like the Nintendo Switch.

Also, owning ARM would give Nvidia a lot more power over the computing world as a whole as Nvidia currently competes with other companies that use ARM-based systems.

Nvidia is looking to make a power move, considering the apparent animosity Apple has toward NVIDIA, I wonder how comfortable Apple is going to be licensing them, especially now with desktop processors. 

I wonder if future Apple Silicon is going to be ARM-less…

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