Blackmagic Unveils Ursa Mini Pro 12K Camera — More Disney Film Delays & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 11

Blackmagic Unveils Ursa Mini Pro 12K Camera — More Disney Film Delays & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 11

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of C9 Rewind, your weekly source for current news in the film and tech industries.

This week, Blackmagic has unveiled its newest film camera which shoots up to 12K video in an 80 megapixel sensor, more Disney film delays, and the return of live sports may set record TV ratings!

Blackmagic Releases Ursa Mini Pro 12K

Blackmagic Design has recently announced its very first 12K video camera, the Ursa Mini Pro 12K. 

It’s a higher resolution version of the current Ursa Mini Pro, which shoots at 4.6K; The new model has a 12288 x 6480 Super 35 sensor capable of capturing 12K footage at 60 frames per second, 8K at 110 fps, and cropped 4K at 220 fps.

Other notable features include built-in ND filters, an interchangeable lense mount, and a video codec that is so efficient that Blackmagic claims you can edit on a laptop.

I can’t think of any direct competitors for a 12K film camera like this one so it’ll be interesting to see how this camera does on the market but downscaling 12K footage to 8K or 4K sounds extremely enticing to an editor like myself.

Disney Shifts Movie Releases Back Further

Just when we all thought that things were at least heading towards going back to normal, Disney hits us with some more film delays.

James Cameron’s sequel to 2009’s Avatar has been turned into a meme multiple times due to it’s endless list of delays. We can add to the memeage now as a 2021 release isn’t in the cards anymore according to Avatar’s Instagram.

Mulan is also a big film that, alongside Tenet (that “by the way” we got flagged for in the last episode of C9 Rewind), were supposed to be the two big movies that kicked off the return of movie theaters. Mulan has been delayed off of the calendar and the Star Wars film slated for a 2022 release has been pushed back another year. 

Will we see any new films soon? I’m not sure, but I hope we at least get some good stuff from streaming services to hold us over!

Return of Live Sports May Break Records

Now that I think of it, streaming services have to give us something as live sports is finally making a return! 

Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ that benefited from live sports not being played have the most risk to their U.S. reported sub ads during the second half.

According to a Monday report from Needham & Co. analyst Laura Martin, “We believe that the return of seven pro sports in July and August plus the NFL in September suggests higher linear TV sub ads in the second half of 2020.”

I know myself and many others are absolutely itching for sports to return so I can see these ratings skyrocketing, especially for the NBA and NFL. We can just pray that none of these leagues get delayed any further, because us Americans really love our sports. 

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