Intel Teases Big Announcement for September — The Downfall of Comic-Con? & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 10

Intel Teases Big Announcement for September — The Downfall of Comic-Con? & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 10

Episode 10 everyone, we made it to 10 full episodes. When we first started this series I was kinda reluctant to be the quote on quote voice-over guy because, let’s face it, I don’t have the most entertaining voice ever.

But the fact that we’ve gotten a good amount of feedback on these is amazing in it’s own right, I went in not expecting much so if you’re new….welcome! and if you’re a weekly viewer of the series, we appreciate you so so much.

I hope to get to episode 100 someday but for now…. let’s get to some news!

Intel Teases Giant Announcement

Intl is teasing something huge for an event on September 2nd and we expect they’re 11th generation processors to make their debut. 

As a past Intel fanboy, I have to say it’s my duty to recognize that they have been lagging behind in the consumer market for quite some time.

My last Intel purchase was an i7 8700K and while it does everything I need it to do, I was upset to find out I could’ve gotten a Ryzen 7 2700X for $100 cheaper. Even the 3700X is cheaper with more threads and a larger L3 cache. 

AMD has proven over the last 2 to 3 years that it can compete on performance as well as price, and Intel’s 11th Gen chips look set to respond to this. 

“Tenet” and Other Films Need to Perform Well

As a huggee Christopher Nolan fan, I always look forward to his movies and his upcoming film, Tenet, is no different.

The movie has been pushed back not once, but twice now and apparently, it needs to make a hefty $800 million to break even

This is odd, even considering how expensive it was to make, usually a film’s breakeven point is around two times it’s production budget, which was around $200 million (still very expensive).

The fact that Tenet will be one of the first major movies to usher audiences back to the theater in the aftermath of the pandemic sounds nice on paper but you have to consider that when theaters open there will likely be limited attendance and some people won’t even consider going to the theater when they open.

It will be very difficult for this film to make its money back let alone make a profit.

Comic-Con 2020 is Going Virtual

This year’s version of Comic-Con will be a special at-home edition, with virtual panels in an attempt to make the most out of what has been going on.

The panel lineup includes big entertainment names like Star Trek and Amazon, but Comic-Con will also be missing some of their heavy hitters this time around. 

It’s already been revealed that Marvel Studios won’t host any panels, and DC is saving their major announcements for August’s DC FanDome (which I am extremely excited for).

Star Wars is to miss the vent altogether as well and this is expected as reports indicate they will have a huge presence at conventions in 2021.

This makes sense as most of Lucasfilms’ projects are still in pre-production. For example, Taikia Waititi’s Star Wars movie was only announced this year, and the Obi-Wan Disney+ series hasn’t started filming yet. 

All-in-all, in a way I feel like Comic-Con is a shell of its former self and these big studios deciding to put on their own conventions only shows that these bigger studios realize they don’t need Comic-Con anymore.

That’s All Folks

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