New Canon EOS R6 Leaked Image Surfaces — Apple Unveils MacOS “Big Sur” & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 7

New Canon EOS R6 Leaked Image Surfaces — Apple Unveils MacOS "Big Sur" & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 7

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of C9 Rewind, your weekly source for current news in the film and tech industries.

This week, Apple announced its newest iteration of macOS named Big Sur, a leaked image from Canon gave us our first look at the R6 with new lenses, and more!

Apple Unveils “Big Sur”

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple executives unveiled the latest version of MacOS, called Big Sur (and also known as MacOS 11). 

Big Sur will be the first version of the OS to run on Apple’s upcoming Arm-based Macs (which we covered in a previous episode), as well as its older Intel based computers. 

This version of macOS is full of new and redesigned features that will ultimately make for a better user experience. 

These new features include an overhaul of the Safari web browser (which Apple claims is the biggest overhaul since 2003), way more options in Apple Maps including indoor maps of airports and shopping centers, and my personal favorite: iphone/ipad apps and widgets running natively on desktops.

These updates almost put the promised Windows updates to shame. Apple can pull things off when it comes to OS design that Microsoft can only dream of.

I’m not an avid Mac user by any means but I’m excited to try this version out on the Macs we have at the studio. 

Fandango App Helps Movie Goers Navigate Theater Reopening Guidelines

With theaters opening back up around the country, it raises a few questions: How will theaters recuperate from the economic downturn? And how will guidelines and policies be enforced from theater to theater?

Fandago aims to inform moviegoers of guidelines and safety measures that each theater will have to follow. 

The service guide, which launched Tuesday, will feature a rundown of mask and protective-equipment policies and enhanced cleaning measures that are being implemented at more than 100 theater chains. 

Also, there’s a special search filter to find reopened cinemas by location. Theater companies like AMC originally said they didn’t require face masks but quickly flipped the requirement after public outcry.

This should give people in at-risk groups a little peace of mind before visiting the cinema once again.

Is Olympus Done For?

A big change for a familiar name in the camera industry, Olympus is divesting its imaging business to a Japanese private equity fund. 

Olympus will now be owned by a company called Japan Industrial Partners, which also bought out Sony’s PC division, Vaio.

They aim to restructure Olympus into a profitable company once again as the past few years have been tough for the camera company with big players such as Fuji, Panasonic and Sony establishing themselves as powerhouses and smartphones causing the camera market to shrink tremendously.

New Canon Mirrorless & RF Lens Leak — Canon EOS R6

Finally, we covered the Canon EOS R5 leaks in a previous episode but if you needed more evidence of a major upcoming Canon release, we got some.

A new image leak not only shows the upcoming R5 mirrorless camera from Canon, but also the R6! There is also a whole new RF lense family in the image which further increases speculation of a major announcement from Canon next month.

Canon is looking to shake up the camera industry with 2 new bodies (R5 and R6), a new version of the nifty 50mm 1.8, 70-200mm, and 85mm macro.

I say “shake up” because this could literally cause many people (myself included) to make the switch back to canon from Sony or Panasonic mirrorless.

We will have to wait and see but rumors point to a massive announcement on July 9th so stay tuned for more news on that front.

Until Next Time

And that’s all for this week’s C9 Rewind, we look forward to seeing you again next Tuesday with more exciting news.

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