Apple Ditches Intel Processor? — Sony Teases New Phone & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 5

Apple Ditches Intel Processor? — Sony Teases New Phone & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 5

Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s episode of C9 rewind: your weekly source for news in the film and tech industries. 

This week, we’ve got bad news for two streaming services, good news for fans of Into the Spiderverse, Apple will ditch Intel chips and move to ARM-based technology, and more!

Apple Ditching Intel?

Rumors of Apple switching to its own ARM-based processors have been circulating for years now, and we think 2021 might finally be the year. The company reportedly has at least three ARM-based Mac processors in development that are based on the next iPhone’s A14 chip.

Although the release is still months away, Apple has to release their plans publicly to give developers time to optimize their own software. Overall, it seems that ditching Intel is becoming a trend in the tech industry as their slow performance gains aren’t garnering favorable reviews. 

HBO MAX Losing Some DC Films Already

Only a month after an already underwhelming launch, AT&T’s new streaming service, HBO Max is already losing a number of major DC movies. Justice League, Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and more will all be removed from the platform on July First.

As of now, there’s no word on whether these removals are permanent, but one thing is for sure: at the expensive cost of $15 a month, HBO max can’t afford to lose any more big titles, or they might soon see their already slim subscriber base dwindle to nothing.

New Netflix Film Flops

Now, enough ripping on HBO Max. The streaming king, Netflix, has struck out once again with their new original movie The Last Days of American Crime. This movie is so impressively bad, that it has earned the rare, but certainly not coveted, 0% rating on rotten tomatoes.

Now it should be acknowledged that sometimes the critics miss the mark, and even a critical disaster of a movie can be enjoyable for the common audience. However, sitting at an abysmal audience score of 27%, Last Days is certainly last on my list to watch this summer.

Into the Spider-Verse 2 Begins Production

Quickly, before we move on to Sony’s comeback in the smartphone world; fans of the company’s 2018 hit Into the Spiderverse, will be happy to hear that animation work on the Oscar-winning movie’s sequel has officially begun, reportedly on-schedule with their current release date of October 7th, 2022.

That being said, seeing as it took each artist an entire week to animate a single second of the first movie, it’s safe to say the team in charge will be working overtime to complete the sequel on schedule.

Sony Releases New Phone for Filmmakers

Finally, as promised, we have big news from Sony as they attempt to squeeze their way back into the oh-so competitive smartphone race. How are they trying to achieve this you might ask? By creating a smartphone tailored to today’s internet creator.

The company’s new Xperia 1 mark II smartphone is infused with features from their line of mirrorless cameras, and sports three lenses on the back of the phone: A wide angle, an ultrawide angle, and a telephoto camera.

With the ability to shoot 4k video at 60 frames per second, Sony is going all out in creating the perfect phone/camera hybrid for creators on the go. That being said, it’s questionable how many creators will be able to afford the Xperia, as it comes in at an astronomical $1200.

This reminds me of the ill fated Red Hydrogen One which promised a lot of similar ideals; A phone for filmmakers, which turned out to be lackluster while trying to do so much at once. They also charged a heavy fee for specialized features. MKBHD.

There’s much more to know about Sony’s new phone, that we don’t have time to go over today, but feel free to check out the links to our source articles down in the description.

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That’s all for this week’s C9 Rewind, we look forward to seeing you again next Tuesday, with more exciting news.

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