Canon EOS R5 Rumors — SpaceX Crew Launch & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 4

Canon EOS R5 Rumors — SpaceX Crew Launch & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 4

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks episode of C9 Rewind, your weekly source for current news in the film and tech industries.

This week, Hollywood releases back-to-work guidelines for film sets, SpaceX and NASA collaborate to send the first Americans to space in a decade and more!

Canon EOS R5 Rumors Heat Up

Canon’s EOS R5 is one of the most anticipated mirrorless cameras in recent years. The rumors have been circulating for months and it’s got everyone (including myself) extremely hyped to see Canon finally take a crack at a mirrorless video shooting beast.

If you know me, you know I love my Sony mirrorless cameras but there was always something a little… underwhelming about them. The lowlight performance and portability is unmatched but the color accuracy always looked a bit off to me. In my opinion, Canon has always had the best color profiles.

Back to the R5, it is confirmed to have a 45mp full frame sensor with video capabilities that surpass any Canon DSLR released to date.

Rumors say to expect 4K video in 60 and 120fps, 8K RAW in 10-bit Canon log and no crop for 4K/8K video capture. Recent rumors also suggest it will be below $4000 which makes it a bit pricier than the average mirrorless but it is expected to compete with Sony’s upcoming camera release.

I’m currently still rocking my Sony a6500 and have been patiently waiting for the a7s3, but pending reviews and official spec releases, I might have to think twice about my next camera purchase. And Sony might have to think twice about it’s next professional mirrorless camera release.

We are expected to get official news from Canon this month or next month, so stay tuned for updates on that.

Hollywood Releases Back to Work Guidelines

Shifting focus to Hollywood, the entertainment industry released guidelines for resuming production during the pandemic.

Last week we discussed the potential that virtual production has been moving forward and many studios and film crews will certainly be taking advantage of that as much as they can, but there are many factors that play into whether that is the best route for producing a film or show. This a slippery slope as it will undoubtedly cost more for producers and studios to make sure they are following all of the guidelines. 

We may see more cartoons and computer generated spots and commercials, because why would studios pay all for all the overhead in a traditional production when a few people in a room can make the same thing happen virtually.

The 22 page report highlights the need for PPe requirements for makeup and hair stylists, while also stressing the importance of “Regular, periodic testing of the cast and crew being used to mitigate the risk of the spread.”

All cast and crew will also be subject to symptom monitoring on a daily basis, how much these regulations will be enforced is completely up to the people in charge of the production, but it’s good to see a step in the right direction for now.

Avatar 2, the sequel to the second highest grossing movie of all time: 2009’s Avatar, is set to resume production in New Zealand this week.

Producer Jon Landau shared a photo on Instagram that showed the set with the caption “we couldn’t be more excited to be headed back to New Zealand next week”.

He also said that he was optimistic due to the way New Zealand has handled the pandemic.

Cameron is focused on shooting more of the live-action part of the sequels, with the extensive post-production largely unaffected by the global health crisis (shoutout to virtual production).

The cast and crew must still complete a minimum two-week quarantine once they arrive and New Zealand has been one of the countries with a competent government so director James Cameron feels very confident with the decision to resume production.

Avatar 2 is still slated to be released on December 17, 2021.

The End of Movie Theaters?

The uncertainty in the film industry continues with movie theaters themselves worrying about reopening their doors.

Theaters around the country have been closed since March and analysts are predicting over a 50% drop in ticket sales compared to last year.

This could get even worse as many blockbuster films like the live action “Mulan” film and Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” that are set to release in July, could be pushed back further. This could create an extremely crowded movie calendar for the end of this year and 2021. Something studios try and avoid.

The problems for theaters going forward go deeper than that as well, more and more consumers are dumping the theater entirely in favor of streaming, with the exception of the big budget films like Star Wars and most comic book movies. Most major studios have been pushing for same-day digital releases of their movies when they premiere in theaters.

Up until the pandemic, they’ve had nothing but pushback from theaters who would see a significant revenue drop. That fight got harder for theaters when Trolls World Tour released digitally this past April and saw revenue of nearly 100 million dollars. While the main theater chains are fighting as hard as they can. It’s an uphill battle in a world where content is consumed like never before and apps like Big Screen bring an unmatched experience of a theater at home.

Since it’s also in a VR presentation, 3D movies are immersive in a way you can’t have at a theater. And on top of everything else, a ticket costs a fraction of going to the real theater and friends from anywhere in the world can join you.

And while some people don’t need instant gratification, most people demand it. This is all a byproduct of the instant information we get every day from our computers and phones.

Will theaters be able to bounce back? Only time will tell, but unless they radically change, they’ll probably slowly fade away.

NASA / SpaceX Launch Manned Mission

We love our space launches here at Clockwork 9 and we were excited and ready to watch the launch last Wednesday. Anxiously waiting to see history be made, though we had to wait a few days longer due to bad weather on the Florida coast.

On Saturday May 30, for the first time in history, NASA astronauts launched from American soil in a commercially built and operated American crewed spacecraft on its way to the International Space Station. 

This isn’t the first attempt at a manned spaceflight though. They initially planned to launch a manned mission back in 2017 but there were multiple explosions, failed parachutes, unseen costs, and significant delays on the unmanned test flights.

This launch is essentially validating all of SpaceX’s crew transportation systems. Data collected during the flight will serve to inform future missions down the line.

This launch is proof that private and public companies can work together to accomplish great things and with privatization growing in the space industry, I am excited for the future of space travel.

Even at the slow rate that we are moving in terms of space travel, I hope we at least get to see astronauts land on another planet in our lifetimes. 

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