DJI to be Banned from US? — Apple Glass is Real & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 2

DJI to be Banned from US? — Apple Glass is Real & More! :: C9 Rewind Ep. 2

This week, we look at how AppleTV+ is slowly making its way into the streaming services worth having conversation, a fully CGI artist gets signed by the Creative Artist Agency, and more!

Are CGI Influencers the Future?

Lil Miquela, a computer generated influencer and artist who has amassed over 2 million followers on Instagram has been signed by the CAA or Creative Artist Agency as their very first virtual client. 

Created by LA based AI company, Brud, has inked deals for Miquela with brands like Samsung, YouTube and Calvin Klein. They’ve built a passionate fanbase and aim to further inspire a new generation of social media entertainment.

This news caught my attention because this is the trend we are slowly creeping towards. Online influencers are intertwining themselves with modern culture more and more and I can’t help but feel that this is only the beginning for CGI characters becoming culturally relevant.

In Japan, Virtual Youtubers, called VTubers, are insanely popular and are icons in their own right in a field that is not only entirely new, but getting a lot of traction from dedicated fans.

In the US there is even an influencer by the name of AI Angel who is an entirely fabricated woman, created, animated and voiced by a man. Her movements and expressions are all controlled real-time by him through face and body tracking, with a voice changer making the man sound like the woman we see on screen.

Sony Unveils New AI Sensors

Artificial intelligence is also making its way to camera sensor technology as Sony announces the world’s very first image sensors with built in AI technology

The technology could be used for a variety of different functions including actively counting inventory in grocery stores or counting the number of individuals that enter a facility and even track individuals at, say, a mall to track which stores people are visiting the most often.

Not only is this great for the industrial and retail world but for the average consumer as well, it’s really awesome to think that your camera can identify what you are photographing and track that data for later use. A whole new level for metadata.

DJI Drones Banned?

The future of DJI in the US is looking grim as the drone manufacturing giant recently lost a patent suit against a smaller drone manufacturing company.

The smaller company, named Autel, accused DJI of violating its patent which looks a lot like a DJI Mavic or Mavic Pro. They are even going as far as including the Phantom series and Inspire series in the import ban.

If this import ban is passed in the next month or two, we could see a complete halt on the import of all DJi drones into the United States. 

Whether this affects current DJI owners, I have no clue, but it could potentially open the door for smaller drone manufacturers to establish themselves in the US market. Definitely an interesting development to follow.

New Lebron / Adam Sandler Film

NBA star LeBron James is set to produce a new Netflix original film starring Adam Sandler. The film, titled “Hustle”, will follow Sandler as a basketball scout who is fired from his job in the U.S. and goes overseas only to find a generational talent.

He then must prove that he has what it takes to make it to the NBA. I really hope this film has the same dark tone that Uncut Gems had. It was a very fun experience seeing Sandler kind of step out of his realm of comedy and take on a more serious role again. He did it before with Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems, and I’m sure he’ll do it again.

The fact that it’s another sports related movie is just the cherry on top.

Roger Deakins New Podcast

Roger Deakins, the legendary Director of Photography, whose credits include everything from Shawshank Redemption to No Country For Old Men has started a new filmmaking podcast.

The podcast covers a wide variety of Hollywood filmmaking including everything from location scouting to shot composition. 

The fact that one of the best DP’s in history is allowing the filmmaking community to pick his brain and learn about the film industrys really awesome. Who needs film school amirite?

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Apple Glass Leaked?

Looking to the future, someone may or may not have leaked details on Apple’s newest product, Apple Glass. Apple has reportedly been working on these for years and they will work with iPhones seamlessly with gestures in front of the glasses. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that Apple’s future in augmented reality is just as important as their future in cellular devices and Apple Glass looks to be a surprising introduction into the AR world for the tech giant.

Personally, I don’t see myself using AR glasses but this is another piece of technology that will continue to expand in the coming decades. We are slowly moving towards a AR/VR world and Apple Glass aims to introduce us to that world. It might be not so far away when someone makes an app for Apple Glass so when we’re on a location scout, we’re scanning everything in our environment as we look around. Then using that info back home to make serious production decisions.

Apple TV+ is on the Rise

As Apple continues to make strides in AR tech, they look to improve their streaming service Apple TV+ by adding older titles much like Netflix and Disney+. 

A new streaming service that offers strictly exclusives doesn’t seem like a good investment, you need those well known shows and movies to draw those subscriptions in and eventually get them hooked on the originals.

How they will do this is completely up to imagination, Disney+ has a gigantic catalog of old shows and movies that we all know and love, Netflix/Hulu started out as streaming platforms for older content and eventually (once they had a big enough subscription base) began to produce their own original content. 

There is no word on what these shows will be or when they will be released but it’s safe to say Apple is trying to cement itself as a top streaming platform in the coming years. 

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And that’s all for this week’s C9 Rewind, we look forward to seeing you again next Tuesday with more exciting news.

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