Shooting Music Videos in 2020

Shooting Music Videos in 2020 - Personal Experience and Advice

Are you trying to shoot a music video with a low budget? No budget?

Fitz has filmed and edited over 150 music videos and details his experiences. He also explores other ways for aspiring videographers to hone their craft, make money, and ultimately make a career out of producing videos.

What he found more than anything is that creating music videos has the potential for far more creative freedom and conceptualization than most other industries in videography.

However, what he also found was that ego plays a big role in creating a video for most musicians. Based on his experience, most of the artists he has filmed just want to see themselves on camera. This leads to a lack of creative direction and therefore… redundancy.

So he has outlined some tips for artists out there to improve the quality and originality of their content to help set them apart from every other artist out there:

• Reach out via email instead of DMs on Instagram or Twitter
• Have an concept or idea in mind before asking for pricing
• Establish your budget before reaching out to the videographer

For Fitz, he was experiencing a lot of headaches with artists not taking his business seriously. Are you experiencing the same struggle? If so, Fitz has the solution: BE EXCLUSIVE.

Not just anyone can have your business. If they don’t have the budget, the direction, the collaborative mindset… they aren’t worth your time or energy.

Lastly, if you’re tired of doing the same videos over and over again… branch out! Even if that means you miss out on a couple hundred bucks by turning down another boring shoot. This will diversify your portfolio and open bigger and hopefully more fulfilling doors for your videography career.

Happy shooting in 2020!