How to Build a PC for 8K Video Editing in 2020

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing in 2020

At C9 we are all about the process. And we needed a new desktop in our studio. So, we thought it’d be a great idea to showcase how we built our high-quality 8k video editing PC.

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing_desk

Performance and Aesthetic

While we are always shooting for the highest performance efficiency rate with our tech, we also have high standards for its aesthetic. So we decided to go with the Lien Lee 11 Dynamic. The minimalist design and tempered glass really add to this build’s overall sleek look.

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing_finalshot

The Aorus X570 Xtreme is an ATX board packed with a bunch of features such as the Thermal Reactive Armor Design, the Aquantia 10GbE LAN, and the E-ATX Form Factor.

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing_aorus

Our main concern when shopping for a motherboard was finding one powerful enough to handle extreme renders and encoding. The BIOS is also extremely easy to access and is perfect for pairing a BCPU, like the RYZEN 9.

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing_ryzen

At C9 and we love multitasking and processing power, and the RYZEN 9 3900X is perfect for it with its 12 cores and 24 threads.

We wanted a RAM with a nice aesthetic that had addressable RGB with fast enough clock speeds to perform memory hungry tasks. And the G.Skill Trident Z RGB works extremely well at 3200 megahertz with XMP enabled.

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing_trident

Video editing off an NVME SSD as opposed to a regular hard drive is like night and day. This particular one is 1TB.

I highly recommend using NVMEs in your build because not only does it sit directly on your board, it improves system performance and speed.

When looking for a power supply to power this system, we wanted something that was quiet enough to not notice and powerful enough to run the components we have.

The Corsair RM850 X is a fully modular power supply that combines solid build quality and quietness with compact dimensions and a reasonable price. We also had a GeForce GTX 980 that wasn’t being used in the studio, so we stuck it in this build.

How to Build a PC for 8k Video Editing_cosair

In the daylight, this build is sleek and edgy. But at night, this build becomes a beautiful array of colors illuminated by the RGB fans glowing from within.

Overall, this build was pretty easy to assemble. And for the price, aesthetic, and performance… we highly recommend!