A7R III vs A7S II: The Ultimate Showdown!

A7S ii vs A7R iii - The ULTIMATE Showdown

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

After doing our first side-by-side review of these two Sony cameras, one of our beloved subscribers asked that we do a more detailed analysis to really show some of the key differences between the two.

So we decided to look at four key components: color reproduction, low-light, slow motion, and dynamic range.

Color Reproduction

For this first test, we shot in 4K at 24 frames per second 1/50 F9 with an ISO of 1600 on both cameras. Looking at both cameras in SLOG, the images are very similar. However, when we applied the ground control LUT to both… the color differences started to show.

Low Light Shooting

For this test we compared multiple F stops and ISOs to really see what happens in low-light with these two cameras.

We found that the absolute max ISO on the A7R is about 25,600. And even then, we wouldn’t recommend using it due to all the noise in the shadows. At that high of an ISO, all that noise becomes too animated and distracting. 

The A7S, however, handles 25,600 like a champ. Especially once we applied the ground control LUT, any minimal noise in the shadows gets crushed down leaving a smooth, clean shot. This ability to shoot in low light, we feel, is the one significant advantage the A7S has over the A7R. This low light shooting capability has allowed us more depth of field, higher stops, and higher shutter speeds for slow motion.

Yes you will notice that the image on the A7S is a bit softer, but that’s okay because the noise in the shadows is far less than that of the A7R.

Slow Motion

When it comes to shooting in slow motion, we noticed that the A7S appeared to have a bit smoother rolloff, making for a cleaner, less digital-looking image. However, the A7R does have a bit more detail which can be useful in some cases.

Dynamic Range

This test proved both cameras are extremely similar. Regarding shadows, it appears that the A7R has slightly more pronounced shadows, but barely.

Sony A7S II vs A7R III - The Ultimate Showdown - dynamic range comparison

We also noticed that the A7S appeared to have a slightly more cinematic feel to it which is great for portrait-type shots (we don’t necessarily want too much detail in our skin tones). But when it comes to landscape shots, the A7R is our first pick.

We hope this helps you gain a better understanding of the functionality of these two cameras!

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