We’ve been using Adobe’s Creative Cloud (or Adobe CC) for years now, and the subscription based model while daunting at first has proven to give Adobe a greater frequency to push out updates.

Sometimes that’s great. while sometimes it’s really (really really) not so great. Sometimes bugs get introduced that are detrimental to a post-production team or individual. That’s why we always go by the policy of not updating mid-project even when you keep an old copy of the program you’re working out of.

Updates can break things in the most unexpected ways. We at Clockwork 9 all use Creative Cloud for Teams, and while it works a good portion of the time very well, Adobe still considers it in beta and we’ve had to recover many projects multiple times with the aide of their support team. Even non-team projects can become corrupt for no apparent reason. But that’s a blog for another day. For now, let’s get into an update that very well may be worth the jump immediately.

Dynamic Color Improvements

You’ll have to check it out for yourself as results may vary, but if Adobe really nails down this coloring tool addition they made to Lumetri, it could save countless hours for everyone. It may also improve coloring of footage for just about everyone that uses Premiere.

After Effects 2018 Updates

Adobe added a much needed feature into After Effects with something they call Master Properties. According to them, it will allow you to never need to jump through hoops to copy compositions in order to make small changes or any changes really. Master Properties enables control of every feature of a subcomp, and then be able to push those changes back to the ‘master comp’ or pull from them if you wish to reset. It’s an incredibly powerful tool if it works as advertised. They also improved the way Essential Graphics templates are handled and it seems better than ever. We’ll know after a few days of running it through its paces though.

There are tons of other updates added across the board, check them out on Adobe’s update page.

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