In this review Adam discusses the wide-range of the Zoom F8 Recorder’s capabilities. He also covers some of the additional accessories that we use on set such as a Hi-Rose Battery as well as Tentacle Sync timecode devices. If you’re looking to purchase a multi-channel recording device in the near future, this is a good guide to one of the better, more affordable options on the market. We recommend it for all video production needs.

Get the Zoom F8
Get the Waterproof Protective Case
Get the Tentacle Sync

1:12 – SD Cards
1:48 – Zoom Mount
2:21 – Battery
2:41 – Time Code Sync
2:58 – Tentacle Sync
3:59 – Mini XLR
4:21 – HiRose Battery
5:34 – Camera Mount
6:06 – iPad
6:30 – Carrying Case
8:54 – Menu
11:39 – Summary

Music by: Josh Gantt


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