Tools to Streamline Your Post-Production Workflow

When working in a team or with a number of clients it’s so easy to lose track of an asset or a client comment without some dedication to organization.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to keep things organized when the post-production process never slows down to allow it. This is especially true when working on multiple projects and you’ve got to adjust a graphic, edit, after effects comp, remember to change the colors for some text and prep everything for the Resolve colorist (seemingly all at once).

Luckily we’ve got a bunch of handy tools to keep things organized and everyone on the same page. These are some of our favorites in no particular order.*

Post Haste template interface

Post Haste by Digital Rebellion – Folder Templates (Price: $Free)

The typical process to make a project folder for most of us typically involves making a folder, then maybe a media folder, and generally that’s about it.  Project files go in the main project folder and as we go we add things (sometimes not) to organize graphic assets, files from client, exports, project files, etc… That ends up being a disorganized mess that we are terrified to organize lest we end up with clips going offline all over the place. But not with Post Haste.

We use Post Haste on every project. It does one simple thing easily: Templates for project folders with a single click.

Post Haste won’t do everything for you, it’s up to you to decide what folders you want. But once you make that choice, it will generate an entire project structure for you instantly. When using something like CC for Teams (more on that later) no matter where that project folder is, the structure is always the same.

This means all our projects share the same structure, and if something needs to be added, we know exactly where it goes and more importantly (for later) where it lives when we need it days or weeks later. Not only can it generate the folders, but you can include any type of file in those structures. From a text file to standard graphics/videos used in every project as well as utility items like LUTS (Lookup Tables) and project files. – Video Review and Collaboration (Price: Variable)

Through many years of doing this collectively as a team, we’ve been through almost every situation imaginable when it comes to uploading content for review by both team members and clients. We’ve run through a number of services too, some good, some nightmarish in both UI/UX or price. takes a different approach and understands that as visual people, we don’t want to dig through menus or setup scripts for uploads or spend lots of time explaining to clients how to use the service. With it’s as simple as can be. With features like side-by-side version review and integration with Premiere and After Effects via panels to automate the export and upload process, it can’t really get much easier to use.  

The iphone app (no android app yet… lame) works amazingly well, and you can comment (with hashtags for searching) and annotate on the videos for revision notes so detailed that it’s impossible to miss anything. Compare that to an email chain that may or may not have a timecode, random notes about something in the frame, etc.  

It’s not a free service, but it pays for itself when it comes to taking notes on a project, or sharing it among multiple people for feedback or simply to send off for download. Being able to upload any file to a project is a nice feature as well.

The integration with Premiere and After Effects can be buggy when it comes to uploading, but that’s the only real flaw we see in using this daily.

Check it out: Video Link

DropTask –  Project Management (Price: Free for personal)

We always have a lot of projects going, both for ourselves and for clients. Keeping all the tasks organized and trackable is an important part of that process. Sometimes, just doing graphics can have multiple people involved, and knowing what’s going on at a glance is immensely helpful to keeping on schedule.

DropTask takes the traditional way of project management and makes it as simple as can be. Tasks are collected in a visual way within circular categories. You can take a quick look as the day goes on and see what needs to be done and what’s assigned to who. Each task can carry tons of information like checklists, notes, comments, completion percentage and you can even attach files.

We use DropTask for Business because we’re in a team, but individuals can use this to keep track of all their project tasks and organize simply and visually. We can’t recommend it enough, but wish they would give us the option to reduce notifications across devices. Right now when someone does just about anything (like increasing a task from 0% to 5% progress) everyone gets an update. That can be kind of overwhelming.

Check it out: DropTask video link

*Disclaimer: We have not been paid, asked to promote nor advertise any of these services/products.  These are purely recommendations based on our experience.