Clockwork 9 Studios is a Cleveland Video Production and Full-Service Media Company located in Cleveland, Ohio. We are a one-stop creative shop for small business ventures all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Our team of dedicated creatives pride ourselves on our ability to produce videos which accurately convey your message.  From your concept to the final edit, we manage every project in a way that allows complete transparency for our clients, while delivering the highest quality possible.   We have delivered hundreds of successful projects including commercials, short films, corporate videos, photography, and graphic design.

Media is quickly becoming a necessary part of marketing & branding.  We know how important it is to produce quality video that accurately represents your image.  Our primary goal is to engage your target audience and create a lasting image about what sets you apart from your competition.  Through our creative mindset and storytelling abilities, we are able to direct and produce high-quality video content which will deliver you results.  Let’s create something amazing together.


Every aspect of what we do revolves around telling beautiful stories with inspired imagery and sound. We believe our emotions are what make us human and it’s that shared human experience that drives us to create; To feel through those creations and to push us beyond ourselves. Life is in constant motion and we at Clockwork 9 strive to capture it all.

Art of Lighting Series – Coming Soon

We at Clockwork 9 are excited to start our new mini-series all about the fundamentals of lighting for photo and video. Knowing how to use and control lighting is a crucial part of our job. We’ll teach you the basics of light, all the way to controlling it precisely....

Quick Tutorial: Mocha Pro Lens Module

Software necessary:  Premiere Pro CC  |  Mocha Pro Plug-in for Adobe Lens distortion is inherent in nearly every lens you'll ever use.  It's more noticeable the wider your lens is and usually it's not an issue.  Most people won't even notice distortion in video since...

NAB 2018: Adobe Releases Amazing Updates to Creative Cloud

We've been using Adobe's Creative Cloud (or Adobe CC) for years now, and the subscription based model while daunting at first has proven to give Adobe a greater frequency to push out updates. Sometimes that's great. while sometimes it's really (really really) not so...

Color Accurate Shots, Every Time

Using the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport while shooting photography or video is essential for achieving true to life colors and picture-perfect white balance. Every camera is different and getting consistent, accurate color can be difficult even in...

A7S II vs A7R III – Comparison Review

In this review, Dave compares the key features of the Sony A7R III and Sony A7S II. We cover some of the many common talking points on both of these cameras. If you’re looking to purchase either of these cameras hopefully this will guide in making your decision.  Get...


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Video, Photo & Media Production Company
3800 Lakeside Ave East, Suite 202
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Video, Photo & Media Production Company
3800 Lakeside Ave East, Suite 202
Cleveland, Ohio 44114